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Design your own menu in your favorite image program. The link coodinates below give the position on the image you want to place the text describing the link.

In your image program you will see the coordiantes in the right corner.

You can ignore the last two coordinates, just make sure your text for the link on the image does not exceed 16 pixels in height and 73 pixels in width.

The last two coordiantes just tell the browser the height and width of the hyperlink.

The menu itself is 120px width and 366px height.

Coordinates for the Menu Links.

Use these when you design your own menu.

The link text on the image cannot exceed 16px in height and 73px in width max.

1. 17,15,90,31

2. 17,41,90,57

3. 17,67,90,83

4. 17,93,90,109

5. 17,119,90,135

6. 17,145,90,161

7. 17,171,90,187

8. 17,197,90,213

9. 17,223,90,239

10. 17,249,90,265

11. 17,275,90,291

12. 17,301,90,317

13. 17,327,90,343